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Why Buy A Hammock From Us

The Mexican Hammock Company is absolutely committed to supplying the most comfortable, finest quality hammocks and to providing the best possible customer service. We have been offering help and advice on hammock use, hammock care, hanging methods, size and quality for more than 40 years and are proud of our reputation as the leading UK hammock supplier.

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When you buy a hammock from us you can be sure of it's size and quality. We work directly with a small number of craftspeople and have developed an excellent system of quality control which ensures that you receive the finest hammock currently available.

Not all hammocks from Mexico are the same. Some claiming to be 'Huge' hammocks are smaller than our Cozaana, some 'Double' or 'Standard' hammocks will only take one person and nearly all 'Single' hammocks are as uncomfortable as the narrow European versions.

All of our hammocks are triple woven, a technique where three threads are interwoven in a continuous, overlapping manner throughout the whole hammock body. Triple woven hammocks are far superior to double woven hammocks where the weave is very loose, providing much less support and which sag quickly. A double woven hammock may be described as 'Large' because it will open very wide, however, when it comes to comfort and longevity, there is no comparison.

All of our hammocks are tension-checked to ensure that no threads bear excessive weight by being too tightly stretched in relation to the surrounding weave when the hammock is in use.

We supply an illustrated booklet with each hammock containing detailed information on general use, care and maintenance, washing and hanging methods, and much more. Compare our prices to those of a bed, sofa or even a comfy chair and consider the overwhelming advantages of a Mexican hammock.

traditional mexican hammocks - click here to visit the hammock page!

The Mexican Hammock Company helps to support hundreds of weavers and their families in rural Mexico.

We are authenticated by Ethical Junction, SafeBuy and Shopsafe and were awarded Which? Web Trader status by the Consumers' Association in 1999.

We continue to adhere to the same rigorous trading code of practice today and are committed to both fairtrade and the pursuance of ethical lifestyles.

The Mexican Hammock Company has been trading for more than 40 years and has become an important partner in the development of localised worker controlled enterprises throughout southern Mexico. Whilst we specialise in handmade hammocks and tiles, we also support small family-run and worker-owned enterprises producing textiles and Mexican folk art. We take great care to ensure that all trade is ethical and sustainable.