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The tile making process

Handling the tile clay

Cutting the tiles

Firing the tile biscuit

Preparing the base colour

Finished handmade tiles

Tile Making Process

A short description of the tile making process.

The accelerating rate of mechanisation and industrialisation of many craft processes bring low cost, uniform products to the market to the benefit of many. It is evident, however, that the use of traditional methods of craftsmanship by experienced artisans result in unique items that are quite simply unsurpassable in look, feel and quality.

Our handmade tiles are a good case in point !!

We work with a small family of tile makers in central Mexico who are proud of their rich heritage. The traditional tile making skills have been passed down through many generations and the look, feel and quality of the finished article is stunning.

The Tile Production Process
Clay for Handmade Tiles

A special blend of different clay types is used together with an added natural plasticiser which gives the mix good workability. The "raw" clay is first dug by hand, then mixed by hand, then hand rolled and hand cut into 10cm x 10cm squares. The tiles are then left to dry in the Mexican sun before being kiln fired prior to glazing. After being decorated by hand screening the tiles are fired once more.

Palacio Especial Handmade Tiles

The whole process results in truly handmade tiles which are absolutely unique. Each tile is very slightly different in shape, size, colour and final detail. They may be very slightly concave or convex creating a beautiful sense of richness and depth which is virtually impossible to create with factory made, mass produced tiles.

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The Mexican Hammock Company supports many small scale producers in rural parts of Mexico. Our tiles are the result of a collaboration with a small tile maker in central Mexico which stretches back over 40 years. The tiles are of the highest quality and our very low profit requirements ensure that they are the most affordable handmade tiles currently available. Try our drag & drop Tile Wall Designer and Tile Randomiser for hours of fun and beautiful designs.