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Seed Pod Wobblies

Brightly coloured, handpainted animals with wobbling heads. From a small, family-run enterprise in the Mexican state of Guerrero.
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pack of 5
Little seed pod beasties
Mexican Wobblies

Small animals in the form of armadillos, tortoises, etc. Their wobbly heads move in any slight draught. Handmade from local seed pods and handpainted in bright colours. Real eye catchers and great for the car dashboard.
Available in packs of 5 or 12. Various animals in each pack. Approx. size: 3cm. Not suitable for kids under 3yrs old who might bite their heads off.


In the remote villages of southern Mexico there is very little opportunity to generate any income and everyday life is at a subsistence level. In the rugged mountainous state of Guerrero, where travel is difficult and recent upheavals deter visitors, families still get together to collect seed pods which are then dried and decorated. Heads and legs are added and the little wobbly animals are given as tokens of affection or set on a window sill to bring good luck.