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Mexican Ceramic Figures From the shores of lake Patzcuaro

Mexican Ceramic Figures

From the shores of lake Patzcuaro

Mexican Ceramics

The area around Tzintzuntzan in the Mexican state of Michoacán is famed for it's distinctive pottery. The burnished clay figures below are handmade by a small group of artisans on the shores of lake Patzcuaro who specialise in "barro negro", similar to that found in the state of Oaxaca.
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Hand sculpted clay figures
From the shores of Lake Patzcuaro
Michoacan Archer Figure

Powerful hand sculpted burnished clay figures made from the distinctive "barro negro" of Lake Patzcuaro. The archer is hand painted with an aztec design whilst the nude is pure black. Strong, fluid lines convey the feeling of strength and agility in these striking works of art.
Length of Nude approx. 50cm.
Height of Archer approx. 40cm.
Michoacan Nude Figure



For many people living in small, isolated communities in Mexico there is little or no employment or source of income. The production of craft items such as the ceramics shown above is often the only viable method of generating funds and hence an extremely important element of the local economy. When work and income is shared it is often possible for other local enterprises and start-ups to be supported and financed via community funding without the necessity of reverting to high interest loans which are often unavailable to the poor.