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Handwoven Mexican Baskets

Our baskets are handwoven in a small village on the shores of Lake Cuitzeo in the state of Michoacán. One of the traditional activities in this area is the collection of "Tules" (Typhus dominguensis) from the lake to weave useful baskets and furniture. Recent changes in vegetation and water levels have prompted a switch in raw materials from Tules to stronger, more durable plastic strip. As fish stocks have decreased in the lake this source of income has become increasingly important to the survival of the local population.
The baskets are strong, colourful and very practical. They are available in two sizes.

Bright & colourful, strong & durable
Basket BSL003
Basket BSL019
Basket BSL027
Basket BSL028
Basket BSL031
Basket BSL033
Basket BSL034
Basket BSL037
Basket BSL038
Basket BSL041
Basket BSL047
Basket BSL049
Bright & colourful, strong & durable
Basket BSM002
Basket BSM004
Basket BSM005
Basket BSM006
Basket BSM007
Basket BSM008
Basket BSM009
Basket BSM012
Basket BSM036
Basket BSM038
Basket BSM047
Basket BSM048

The Mexican Hammock Company takes great care to ensure that all trade is ethical and sustainable. Products and producers are selected only after a direct need has been identified and where it has been determined that regular small scale trade will benefit the local producers and their communities.