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Handmade Tiles 10cm and 5cm

Handmade tiles direct from Mexico.

Mexico has been famous for the quality of it's handmade tiles for over 400 years. Examples of intricate tile makers' work can be seen on many public and private Mexican buildings. These beautiful wall tiles are unique, functional and practical. A vivid, distinctive and lively finish for any wall space.

The Mexican tiles that we stock are in a class of their own, the best quality and most affordable handmade tiles you will find anywhere. We have over 35 years experience with Mexican tiles and only supply hand made tiles of the finest quality. We offer fast delivery and ship worldwide.

We stock handmade tiles in either 10cm or 5cm sizes. To order your tiles just scroll down on this page. You can also experiment with different hand made tile designs using our "Collage Creator" or, if you know your wall dimensions, use the "Tile Wall Designer" or "Random Tile Pattern Designer" to create unique, compelling, random hand made tile designs. Each application allows you to print your finished design.

Click here for the 10cm tiles or here for the 5cm tiles.

** Please Note: As with all of our goods you may return your purchase within 14 days for a full refund should you change your mind. However, in the case of our handmade tiles we do charge a 10% restocking fee on returns.

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Buy tiles here or order up to 5 samples at only 50p each

Our 10cm handmade tile family currently comprises 60 tiles. Each tile measures approximately 10.5cm x 10.5cm and is roughly 7mm thick (90 tiles = 1 square meter).

Pictures below show four of the same tile together.

Orders of more than 500 tiles attract an automatic discount of 5%.
Orders of more than 1000 tiles attract an automatic discount of 10%.

Up to 5 samples may be ordered at 50p each but we do still need to charge for shipping.
Please note: sample tiles are meant for colour matching, sizing, etc and may not be perfect.

Blanco Handmade Tile
Azul Claro Handmade Tile
Cobalt Handmade Tile
Verde Handmade Tile
Verde Especial Handmade Tile
Amarillo Handmade Tile
Terracotta Handmade Tile
Chocolate Handmade Tile
Rojo Especial Handmade Tile
Navajo Handmade Tile
Arab Tc Handmade Tile
Arab Vd Handmade Tile
Arab Az Handmade Tile
Arab Tc Vd Handmade Tile
Arab Az Vd Handmade Tile
Palacio Es Handmade Tile
Palacio Az Handmade Tile
Palacio Tc Handmade Tile
Puebla I Handmade Tile

Puebla I Tile
Out Of Stock
Due in ~ end Mar
Email us and we'll let you know when they arrive

Puebla II Handmade Tile
Cruz Handmade Tile
Estrella Handmade Tile
Moro Handmade Tile

Moro Tile
Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
Due in ~ end Mar
Email us and we'll let you know when they arrive

Cuadricula Handmade Tile
Monika Handmade Tile

Monika Tile
Out Of Stock
Due in ~ end Mar
Email us and we'll let you know when they arrive

Beatriz Handmade Tile

Beatriz Tile
Out Of Stock
Due in ~ end Mar
Email us and we'll let you know when they arrive

Oreja Handmade Tile
Lyon Handmade Tile
Palenque Handmade Tile
Isabella Handmade Tile
Clover Handmade Tile
Clover Vd Handmade Tile
San Miguel Handmade Tile
Seville Handmade Tile
Guad Am Handmade Tile
Guad Vd Handmade Tile
Trebol Handmade Tile
Trebol Vd Handmade Tile
Pavo Vd Handmade Tile
Luna Bca Handmade Tile
Luna Am Handmade Tile
Sol Am Handmade Tile
Girasol Handmade Tile
Cocopol Az Handmade Tile
Cocopol Tc Handmade Tile
Iguana Tc Handmade Tile
Iguana Az Handmade Tile
Harlequin Handmade Tile
Harlequin Vd Handmade Tile
Harlequin Az Am Handmade Tile
Asunta Handmade Tile
Cubico Az Handmade Tile
Cubico Vd Handmade Tile
Cubico AZ Am Handmade Tile
Siempre Viva Handmade Tile
Rosario Handmade Tile

Rosario Tile
Out Of Stock
Due in ~ end Mar
Email us and we'll let you know when they arrive

Primavera Handmade Tile
Meliza Handmade Tile
Isuara Handmade Tile
Cupula Handmade Tile
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Our 5cm handmade tile family currently comprises 36 tiles.

These tiles are great on their own or as "inset tiles" to help form an intricate offset pattern. Many of the 10cm styles above are included with a few omissions. Reduced price samples are not available in the 5cm size - you just need to order a single tile at the normal price.

Each handmade tile measures approx. 5cm x 5cm and is roughly 6mm thick.

Blanco 5x5 Handmade Tile
Azul Claro 5x5 Handmade Tile
Cobalt 5x5 Handmade Tile
Verde 5x5 Handmade Tile
Verde Especial 5x5 Handmade Tile
Amarillo 5x5 Handmade Tile
Terracotta 5x5 Handmade Tile
Chocolate 5x5 Handmade Tile
Rojo Especial 5x5 Handmade Tile
Navajo 5x5 Handmade Tile
Arab Tc 5x5 Handmade Tile
Arab Vd 5x5 Handmade Tile
Arab Az 5x5 Handmade Tile
Palacio Es 5x5 Handmade Tile
Palacio Az 5x5 Handmade Tile
Palacio Tc 5x5 Handmade Tile
Puebla I 5x5 Handmade Tile
Puebla II 5x5 Handmade Tile
Cruz 5x5 Handmade Tile
Estrella 5x5 Handmade Tile
Monika 5x5 Handmade Tile
Beatriz 5x5 Handmade Tile
Oreja 5x5 Handmade Tile
Lyon 5x5 Handmade Tile
Palenque 5x5 Handmade Tile
Isabella 5x5 Handmade Tile
San Miguel 5x5 Handmade Tile
Seville 5x5 Handmade Tile
Guad Am 5x5 Handmade Tile
Guad Vd 5x5 Handmade Tile
Trebol 5x5 Handmade Tile
Trebol Vd 5x5 Handmade Tile
Harlequin 5x5 Handmade Tile
Harlequin Vd 5x5 Handmade Tile
Harlequin Az Am 5x5 Handmade Tile
Asunta 5x5 Handmade Tile

There is nothing quite like a beautiful rich wall of handmade tiles. Compare the warm, intimate feel that comes from the irregular flame of a real fire to the static, uniform glow of an imitation gas fire. This is similar to the difference between an irregular, undulating wall of handmade tiles and the flat, regimented appearance of mass-produced, machine made tiles. One evokes a feeling of life and intimacy while the other is relatively sterile

Decorative handmade tiles have been used throughout the ages to adorn palaces, tombs and important public and private buildings. Now is your chance to add a touch of real Mexico to your home with these beautiful handmade ceramic wall tiles. Each tile is unique and indelibly marked by the hands of our tile makers in Guanajuato who have been creating these handmade tiles for generations.

Try our drag and drop handmade tile wall designer to experiment with different tile combinations for your own wall. A quick, easy and fun way to create your perfect hand made tile wall design.

Try our drag and drop handmade tile randomiser to generate multiple random designs using selected tiles on a preset wall size. Create compelling, asymmetric random designs which tease and challenge the senses.

The Mexican Hammock Company has been working with a small family-run tile making enterprise in central Mexico for the past 35 years or so. It's not all about hammocks. We are also a Bristol based tile supplier providing handmade tiles to both individuals and the trade throughout the UK and Europe. We aim to be competitive both in price and quality and are committed to providing excellent customer care.