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Handmade Tile Collage Creator

A drag and drop application for collage design using our 10cm handmade tiles.

We know it can take a long time to design the perfect tile wall so we've developed the "Collage Creator" application below which allows you to add, delete and move tiles around on a grid and experiment with different tile combinations. A distinctive pattern can often emerge when combining tiles of the same style which is not evident when viewing a tile in isolation.

If you have a partcular wall space in mind and can enter the rough measurements we recommend the "Wall Designer" - it works the same as the "Collage Creator" here but allows you to work on a grid of the correct size - takes the effort out of the design process !!

We've had a lot of requests for a Random Pattern Generator where you can generate multiple random designs using selected tiles on a preset wall size. To accomplish this we have programmed a "Random Tile Pattern Designer" - hours of fun !!

Use our Collage Creator to see how your tiles will look

Drag & drop tiles onto the grid below and move them around to create your own collage.

You can choose to add tiles individually, fill a whole row or a column, or completely fill the grid. To remove a tile just drag it to the 'bin' (bottom right). To clear the whole grid use the 'clear' button. The caption below the grid shows the number of tiles selected and the value. When you're happy with your selection just click the 'buy' button to add it to your basket.

To see the price of each tile use your mouse to hover over the images. You can also print out a copy of your design by using the 'print' button. Each tile measures approx. 10.5cm square.

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Our drag & drop tile collage creator is a simple, effective way to experiment with different tile combinations before deciding on a final design. If you know your wall measurements you might want to try the Tile Wall Designer for an accurate representation. It's still a good idea to order tile samples when in doubt so that you get an idea of the actual look and feel of the tiles that you are interested in.