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Stress Relief

The instant sanctuary

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Relieve Stress With A Mexican Hammock

Stress is almost an accepted feature of frantic modern lifestyles. When lying in a Mexican hammock you feel this burden dissolving as your body relaxes and your mind wanders. Your hammock provides you with your own personal space where you are gently caressed and transported inwardly. It's a relaxation technique which has been in use for over 4000 years.

A Mexican Hammock - The Instant Sanctuary

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Just half hour's relaxation each day in a Mexican Hammock can dramatically reduce your stress levels leaving you calmed and focused.

Blissful comfort! Total relaxation! Complete stress relief!

Simple to hang and take down. Within seconds you can create a sanctuary for relaxing and dissipating the day's worries. Your hammock will caress the body giving your mind the time to de-stress and refresh.

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The Instant Sanctuary!

The fluid shape and calming motion of a Mexican hammock create a stress free environment. Softly soothe the body, harmonise the mind and replenish the spirit. Pure peace and tranquility.

Order a hammock today & enjoy life to the full.

Hammocks have been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of a variety of stress and sleep related disorders for people of all ages. The gentle, calming rocking motion of a hammock and the feeling of weightlessness can be a very effective type of relaxation therapy and is becoming widely used by therapists and relaxation centres worldwide.