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Hammock Stands & Fixings

If you don't have two ideally spaced trees or are considering hanging your hammock inside the house you might be wondering which hammock stand or set of fixings to use. Our freestanding Mariposa Hammock Stand is versatile, strong and stable. The Guyed Post Stand is quick to erect and can easily hold a whole family. It is also available as a single end to be used in conjunction with an existing tree or other fixing point. We also have a selection of hammock fixings and weather resistant polyhemp rope which will enable you to hang your hammock in almost any situation.
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A Superb Stand
normally £199.95
Mariposa Hammock Stand
  • Strong, stable and attractive
  • Slots together in seconds
  • The perfect design for a Mexican hammock
  • Exclusive to The Mexican Hammock Company
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Available in sky silver or fern green
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    Over the past 30 years or so we have tested and reviewed nearly every type of hammock stand available. In each case there has been some inadequacy in design or construction. The Mariposa Stand represents the culmination of years of design work, experimentation, and testing, and we consider it to be the best hammock stand currently available. It is available exclusively from The Mexican Hammock Company and has been designed to support all of our hammocks at the perfect arc ensuring maximum comfort. The beautiful curved lines make this stand the firm favourite for style, strength and stability. The stand is made up of six sections which slot together in seconds.
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    Size approx: 200cm(height) x 400cm(length) x 150cm(width).
    Weight limit approximately 200kg.
    Available in Sky Silver
    or Fern Green
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Strong, Solid Structure
Guyed Post Stand
  • Very strong, stable structure
  • Used at all our outside events
  • Supplied ready-assembled
  • Easily erected
  • Available complete or as a single end
  • Super-fast delivery
  • Tell me more
    This is the simple structure that we use at our outside events. We typically accommodate five persons in a hammock hung on one of these stands. Complete kit includes posts with guys connected, together with all pegs, tensioners, etc. - ready to erect. A single end is also available if you already have one fixing point like a tree, post, wall, etc. You will need a heavy hammer for the pegs. A very solid, stable structure that will accommodate any of our hammocks.
  • And more
    Ground pegs are located at the corners of a rectangle measuring roughly 495 x 180cm.
    Height approx. 200cm.
    Weight limit approximately 300kg.
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For Ceiling Joists Or Wood Posts
Hammock Joist Fixing Kit
  • Comprises two welded screw eyes for use in wooden beams, ceiling joists, etc., together with two lengths of weatherproof polyhemp rope for hammock height adjustment.
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For Brick Or Concrete
Hammock Wall Fixing Kit
  • Comprises two hook expansion bolts for use in brick or concrete, together with two lengths of weatherproof polyhemp rope for hammock height adjustment.
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One End Brick/Concrete & Other End Wood Joist/Post, etc.
Hammock Mixed Fixing Kit
  • Comprises one hook expansion bolt for use in brick or concrete and one welded screw eye for wood beam, ceiling joist, etc, together with two lengths of weatherproof polyhemp rope for hammock height adjustment.
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Simplicity Itself
Hammock Quick Release Kit
  • Comprises two carbines and two lengths of weatherproof polyhemp rope for hammock height adjustment.
    You still need to use the hammock knot at the hammock end then take rope with carbine around a tree, etc and hook it onto itself... simple. 
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For Trees Or Pre-installed Fixings.
per meter
Hammock Rope - Polyhemp
  • Polyhemp rope is a synthetic weatherproof rope which is made to resemble traditional hemp rope. Specify the number of meters required in the box below (we've put 7 as an example but just change this).
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For Ceiling Joists, Pagodas, etc
Chair Joist Fixing Kit
  • Comprises one welded screw eye for use in wooden beams, ceiling joists, pagodas, etc., together with one length of weatherproof polyhemp rope for chair height adjustment.
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