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Getting Into A Hammock

The easy method

The Ultimate in Relaxation

Getting Into A Mexican Hammock

If you've never experienced a Mexican hammock before you might be inclined to try to lie along the hammock. This is incorrect. Mexican hammocks are designed to be used crosswise or diagonally and the secret to their comfort is in the great width of the net.

The Correct Way

Regardless of your size, shape or athletic ability, you should have no difficulties getting into your hammock. Our hammocks have been designed for ease and accessability so put aside any notions of having to leap from high branches or from the tops of wardrobes, etc., and follow our simple guide.

getting into a hammock 1 - stand at the mid-point

Stand at the mid-point of the hammock. Take hold of each edge, gather the weave equally in each hand to find the center and raise the back edge.

getting into a hammock 2 - sit down in the center

Still holding the back edge of the hammock and some of the weave in your left hand (right if you're left handed), sit down in the center.


Lean back across the hammock allowing the gathered weave to fall under you. Your body should now be supported from the head to the back of your thighs.

getting into a hammock 4 - stretch out

Now lift your knees, place your heels in the leading edge of the hammock net, and stretch out. Once you're in you might want to twist slightly so that you are on a diagonal.

Note that you are lying crosswise or diagonally in the hammock. This is fundamentally different from most other hammocks and is precisely why you will find it so comfortable.

Mexican hammocks are much more stable than hammocks with spreader bars which are taut and require good balance to use safely. Just relax and get in calmly using the guidelines above, it only takes a few minutes to get the hang of it. Remember to hold out the back edge of the hammock when getting in and stretch it out as you lay back on a slight angle. Then lift your legs and push the front edge out with your heels.